Posted by: Peggie Bohanon | July 24, 2013

“A Father full of surprises”

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Surprises–I love ‘em! The good ones, that is–Christmas presents, birthday presents, flowers, candy (if it’s chocolate!)–big and little surprises of all sorts! Now, that’s fun! But sometimes in life, the surprises are not always good ones–a frightening doctor’s report (the doctor AND the report are BOTH frightening!), an unexpected job loss, devastating divorce papers, an IRS audit–and the list goes on and on–the kind of surprises no one likes! And yet, that’s life, and in it, we learn all about hills and the valleys, and the God who walks with us through them all!

But sometimes the surprises are not “life” ones–they are “God” ones, and so wonderful we can hardly know how to praise our loving Heavenly Father. For He IS good, and His mercies DO endure forever…and when He bestows His surprises on us, we slow-to-understand humans finally begin to realize He really IS a good Father who really DOES loves to lavish good things on His kids! You can’t believe it? Neither can I sometimes! But let’s go to the Well–there are some awesome surprises waiting for us there!

Read the full devotional here: “The God of the Unexpected” – by Peggie Bohanon

Love, joy, peace–if you read my devos regularly, you’ll know they are three of my favorite ways to describe the God I love. And I want them to be yours too! Watch your mailbox, for God’s surprise packages are on the way, special delivery to YOU–His love, joy, and peace will show up in the most unexplainable ways, at the most unbelievable times, and by the most unforgettable means–as He delights to give us more than we ever imagined.

But there’s a catch–He can’t deliver those surprises into your hands until you let go of the failures, the sins, the sadness, the guilt and fears of your life. Clutch on to them, and miss the most wonderful blessings of life. Let go of them, and watch Him fill your empty hands and hearts, with “God surprises,” until you can contain no more! We serve an awesome God worthy of our praise and adoration. He’s the God of the unexpected, and we worship Him this day!

Scripture: “…Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him (1 Corinthians 2:9 KJV).”

Prayer: Lord, so often I dread the surprises of life. I’m never prepared to handle any one of them. But thank YOU for the unexpected graces you bring to my life in those special times of need–Your love, joy, and peace which fill my heart in the turmoil and trials of life. Help me let go of the woes of my life that I may receive the wonder of YOURS. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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