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“Run, turkey, run!”

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If the gobblers know what’s good for them, they’d better run–for cooks around the USA are gearing up for the coming Thanksgiving holiday and Tom Turkey is most certainly on the menu–at least at OUR house! I choose not to run the highway with a hatchet in hand looking for one of those critters but someone, somewhere has handled the job for me and mister turkey breast will sit cooly in my fridge awaiting the big cook-out. Too late to run now!

But hold on–turkeys aren’t the only ones on the run! People run away too–kids, husbands, wives, workers–headed for greener pastures, so they think! And then there’s moms, dads, students, kids, couples and singles just plain RUNNIN’–life is busy, and fast food lanes do big business as all the good people run too! And in the middle of it all, guess who ELSE is running! Come on over to the well–you’re about to find out! He’s your invisible but very real enemy, and God’s Word says he WILL run when we RESIST him in the Name of the Lord. It happened in the Bible–let’s look! (AND by the way, HE is no turkey–he’s for real, he’s smart, he’s powerful, and you’d better know how to use God’s Word against him–or YOU will be on the run!)

Run, devil, run! ….You’re the tempter and you must flee in the Name of the Lord!

Now THIS is a good story. It started out with a young teen boy named Joseph RUNNING from a wild woman who liked his virility and was ready to steal his virtue. BUT…Joseph loved God too much to give in to the Tempter–AND the temptress, and he ran from the scene, years later to end up with a sceptre in his hand, because he was faithful to his God. Satan didn’t win that one and eventually HE was the one who had to flee the scene, for the God of heaven and earth lived in this teenager’s heart, and it was ENOUGH to send Satan runnin’ for his life!

AND he’s still runnin’ around the world in search of new victims to attack and tempt, including YOU–but you can turn the tables around in the Name of the Lord. Resist the devil and his sly, evil tactics. Resist his tempting schemes to sin, to cheat, to lie, to fail the Lord–and the Lord of heaven and earth will be right beside you. As you resist, the devil RUNS. So run, devil, run–the person you’re after is a child of God and you WON’T win when he calls upon His name!

Run, devil, run!….You’re the tormenter and you must flee in the Name of the Lord!

A great story…Elijah, mighty prophet of God is on the run. Another wild woman is after THIS man too, and it’s the queen. She’s out not for his body but for his life, and he runs scared. Tired, discouraged, worn out from fighting evil, Elijah sinks under a juniper tree, and Satan thinks he’s won. But wait a minute, Satan, you’ve not won. There’s an angel around the corner with some refreshing food for the weary servant of God. He’s about to be re-energized and re-vitalized and then YOU better run!

AND he’s still runnin around the world tormenting God’s servants, creating fear, anxiety, tension, unbelief and just plain ole panic in the hearts of people who love God. Take a much needed rest under that juniper tree, Christian–an angel’s just around the corner to minister to you, and then look out, Satan. As you resist him with renewed energy and spiritual power, HE must flee from you. Run, devil, run–that servant of God is not down for long. He’s a child of God and you WON’T win when he calls upon His name!

Run, devil, run! ….You’re the taunter and you must flee in the Name of the Lord!

And one final NEAT story I love. Peter, strong-willed, strong-worded man, ready to die for His Lord, and he fails Him at the crucial moment. He denies the one he loves and I can just imagine him running from the scene by the fire where he’d just denied his Lord, the rooster had crowed, and he knew he blew it for sure. I can almost get into Peter’s mind to hear the taunts of the evil one, “You’re a good one. You’ve betrayed your Lord. You better forget following Him. He’ll never want you, He’ll never use you–you’re gone, man, gone. I’d RUN if I were you. And maybe he did, that night…running in despair, defeat, guilt, sorrow….but NOT for long. After the Resurrection, Jesus restored him to fellowship, and the day came when Peter preached the gospel of Christ in the face of the devil and 3,000 were saved. Satan had to RUN…

AND he’s still running around the world today, taunting Christians who have failed the Lord, telling them there’s no use trying to serve God. They can’t do it–they fall and fail every time. Well, GET UP, resist the devil in the Name of the Lord, and watch that devil RUN. He has to flee at the Name of Jesus, and you, like Peter, with a hard lesson learned, can now let God use you to put ole slew foot on the run–he’ll be sorry he ever messed with you, for sure!

Back to the turkeys. They’d BETTER be on the run for they’re about to grace our Thanksgiving tables with scrumptious feasts planned by millions of cooks around the world…Someone, somewhere is going to outrun them and their days are numbered. Well, I’ve got news for you. The devil had better be on the run too, for Christians around the world are learning that they don’t need to act like TURKEYS. They can stand on God’s Word, resist the devil and he WILL flee. His days are numbered too in God’s Book, so be encouraged and be thankful, as you enjoy a Thanksgiving feast this week, to know that Someone, Somewhere has once and for all conquered that fleeing devil, and it is in HIS power we stand firm, victorious in the Name of the Lord! Now go catch that turkey for your table–and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Scripture: “Submit yourselves, therefore, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you… (James 4:7,8 KJV).”

Prayer: “Lord, I’ve let the devil walk all over me, tempting me, tormenting me, trying me. Help me to hide Your Word in my heart so I can resist his advances. I believe he must flee when I call upon Your Name–and I’m doing it NOW! In Christ’s Name, Amen.

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