A Last Minute Urgent Note: Please be advised that the email subscriptions to this blog are canceled. Long story – I am so sorry. Please check this Fun ‘n Faith blog regularly at the blog web site, http://peggiesplace.wordpress.com, for any new entries, and also a long list of past devotionals that SHOULD hopefully work. (See right-hand column of blog.) Personal technical issues have overwhelmed and this appears to be the best solution for now.

Repeating Last entry?: Please see The Partial Observer for Pastor/Poet’s original writings. Find more at Peggie’s Place: Christian Resources — The Christian Writings of Rev. Greg Asimakoupoulos. Sorry for the possible duplication but this reminder should take you to wonderful devos by Pastor/Poet Greg. I did want my readers to have the notice below. Thanks. Peggie

CURRENT NOTICE: Peggie has not been publishing her devos in this blog in recent months; however, many devos are available in the archives – (see right column of the blog site). Sorry and thanks for understanding stressful times – will appreciate your prayers. You may also go to the Devotional Buffet (http://www.peggiesplace.com/buffet.htm) for alot of my devotions. God bless. Peggie

P.S. Please visit my main website, Peggie’s Place, at http://www.peggiesplace.com/ for lots more fun and faith links.

I am not sure that email subscribers are getting this. Will someone please let me know if you, an email subscriber, did get it. Sorry if you did not. I’m not high tech but hope to be able to straighten it out for you. Thanks for understanding, Peggie

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