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‘How Heavy Is Your Heart” – a Peggie’s Place devo

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Is there a doctor in the house? He’d tell us exactly how heavy our hearts are–or would he? For I’m not talking about the weight of the heart inside your body; I’m talking about the weight of the burden inside your heart–and there’s a big difference!

The Bible uses the word “heart” as an all-inclusive way of referring to our spirit, mind and soul–the seat of our emotions, our thoughts and desires, and our will. Sometimes it’s light as a feather, as we tiptoe through life with joyful spirits, creative minds and uplifted spirits–those are the good days!

But hang on, for as sure as that heart muscle beats within your body, the burdens are sure to come. Responsibilities of family, work, church, home, school, all weigh us down and it can get pretty heavy! Sometimes it overwhelms us–we’ve all been there. It’s heavy–but it’s NOT a heavy heart! So what IS it??

A heavy heart happens when the responsibilities and concerns of life move down into your spirit–when anger, depression, false guilt or fear overwhelm us, weighing us down in discouragement, defeat and despair. Ever been there? Someone else has been there too–matter of fact, he’s the cause of it all! The father of lies loves to load down Christians with emotional weights too heavy to carry, then delight in our dilemma. He’s a heavy heart specialist…and he’s good at what he does. So is there a REAL Heart Doctor in the house?

YES! He’s the heavenly Heart Specialist–and He’s here to help and heal your heavy heart today. He is STILL “The Great Healer” for the mind, the soul and the spirit, as well as the body. Come with that burdened, heavy heart, be it weighed down with anger, depression, false guilt or fear. Bring it to the Lord…and let HIM lift the load. Believe it–He will lift your heavy heart–and you will have a wonderful day!

Scripture: “…When my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I. (Psalm 61:2)”

Prayer: “Lord, my heart is heavy today–with emotions for which there are no words. You see deep within me; You know what I feel and why I feel it. Thou Great Physician, lift the heavy weight within my heart this day. Replace the load with Your love, peace and joy. I trust You, Healer of my heart, In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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